You can learn how to draw

Drawing is not only a way of expressing oneself, it helps to understand, to deepen the knowledge of things, to observe carefully what surrounds us.

More than watching, it’s about observing, in order to see.

To take part in our studio it is not necessary to know how to draw, since it’s an ability which can be learnt.

Not only artists have the privilege of being able to draw and paint. It is a human ability which can be awaken with simply the desire to learn.



In our studio we propose a program of exercises meant to develop the ability to draw and paint, whatever the level of the student. The program consists in exercises meant to resolve all the difficulties that a person can encounter when drawing or painting.

The classes are customized and the individual pace of learning is respected.

Our aim is that the student, step by step – starting with drawing, then color drawing and finally painting – learns a method with which he can confront himself to any subject, from natural elements, portrait, human body, to landscapes, perspective, still life, etc.

Through this process the student will get to know different materials and techniques such as graphite, charcoal, India US ink, chalks, wash drawing, color pencil, watercolors, gouaches, acrylics, etc.

In addition within the drawing and painting classes, special activities are proposed such as drawing from naked models, engraving, outdoors activities of drawing and painting, visits to museums, etc.

The learning also includes the knowledge of art history, which will be developed through figurative, realistic, expressionist as well as abstract art.


Tuesday, 7pm to 10pm

Wednesday, Thursday  10:30am to 1:30pm

Saturday,  11am to 2pm